I guess this is kind of related to the books thread. I tend to listen to podcasts in the car and also while walking the dog. Lots of science and tech ones but of course some dog ones. I have tried a few but the three I have stuck with are

DogCastRadio by Julie Hill, http://www.dogcastradio.com/
This is my favourite and the most regular of the ones I listen to. I have contacted Julie about this site so we may get a mention in a future episode. She also is involved with The Dog News Show http://www.thedognewsshow.com/ although they have not had an episode out for a few months.

Dog World - Talking Dogs
This seems to appear at random intervals with episodes of randomly lengths. I have stuck with this one and enjoy a lot of it but it is not a favourite. But that said way better than the ones I have downloaded and only managed to listen to a few minutes before deleting.

The WildPaw Dog Podcast
This is one I really enjoyed too but has not had anything out since Christmas. Not sure if it is ended or on a long break. Be a shame if it does not come back as it was well done.

So are there any good dog related podcasts I have missed?