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Thread: How well does your dog travel?

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    How well does your dog travel?

    Just sorting out my stuff for going to the Game Fair tomorrow. It reminded me that Sam's first trip out after her vaccinations had kicked in was to the Galloway Game Fair. She was quite sick in the car on the way there but fine on the way back. For a while she got carsick on many journeys but we stuck with it and now she is great in the car.

    We did not get any pills or anything for her just kept taking her on short journeys and always to fun places. I was determined to get her to be a good traveler as I was determined to have her come with us as much as possible. I have friends with dogs who they say are carsick and so take them nowhere except walks to the local park. I would find that so restrictive. There are so many places I need to use the car to get to that I could just not imagine not taking Sam to.

    How are your dogs in the car? Do you take them out only when you are going a walk or do they join you for other trips? I ask as I even take Sam when I am picking the girls up from choir and that is just a there and back journey.

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    All the dogs I've had ,which have always been rescue dogs of some kind or another, have been relatively good travellers. I've been lucky as training them to like the car is a rather long process. Sissou has proven to be a good traveller so far, though we haven't yet been on any very long drives but I'm pretty confident he'll be OK;
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    blix is a very seasoned traveller and it was never a problem getting her used to it. car, bus, train, boat (and canoe)... she's done it all and is equally at ease with all of them. seems like as long as one of 'her' humans is around she just settles in and is fine with it.
    on things that don't stop frequently or where you can't get off easily (train or boat), my main concern is to give her opportunity to pee, somehow.

    flying works, too but we keep it at a minimum as it doesn't seem fair to cram her into a crate and have her ferried around airports by strangers, and keep her in the hold if it's not for a good reason, i.e. a destination where we stay a reasonably long time and that's going to be awesome for the dog.

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    All my dogs treat my pick-up like their second home and love travelling.

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