Most of Sam's morning meal she gets in one of the Kong Wobblers This was given to me by a friend and it is great for giving her a bit of a challenge to get her food. She did manage to unscrew it once and then chewed it to bits, so we are on number two.

The only downside is she is getting used to it now and is quite quick at emptying it. I was looking for something or other online when I saw this video.

There are more videos of customers dogs using it on their site

They are not wildly expensive, Amazon have the, for under 19 and ebay you can get them for dead on the 19

I have not seen them in any of the local shops so can't see them in the flesh to get a feel fotpr the actual size and weight of them. I really should just get one to try but despite all the owner videos on the website I just can't shake the feeling that Sam would just knock it over and get all the kibble that way. What do you think? Has anyone got one?