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Thread: hello from me and blix

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    hello from me and blix

    well i see quite a few familiar names in here so many of you may already know me and blix.

    for those who don't:
    blix a.k.a. "the little bitch" hails from spain where she was found tied up outside a dog shelter the day after christmas when she was barely 6months old and already pregnant. after abortion and sterilisation she was brought to a shelter in the netherlands where we found her, about 6 years ago now.
    due to the dogdy pedigree it's unknown what race/mix/mutt she is but she's clearly some gundog type, only somewhat smaller than you'd expect.

    and me? well i'm that human who feeds her, and takes her out every day

    here's a picture from the early days. i think she was about 8 months at the time and we've had her just over a month. she was really easy to train!

    another, more recent one with her buddy leika who we sometimes dogsit when her humans are travelling. i think they're discussing what they should do with the ball next.

    and here in one of her favourite spots, the hammock on the balcony.

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    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. I knew and Blix would find us eventually.

    I did not know Blix had come from Spain. Why was she transferred to a shelter in the Netherlands?

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    It isn't always good to be a dog in Spain,even in the shelters, where they are often mis treated by passers by & by nut cases who enter the shelters at night & torture/steal the dogs. There are quite a few rescue dogs that are brought over to France (the UK recieves a fair amount too) from Spain at the bequest of the shelter staff as the dogs are often under constant threat & the staff are unable to protect their inmates. It's a different culture where animal abuse is thought of as normal by a large part of the population but let's not paint everyone with the same brush. There are some great people who are working to protect both domestic & wild animals, with little means & against a tide of indifference.
    Properly trained, a man can become a dog's best friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagiKelly View Post
    I did not know Blix had come from Spain. Why was she transferred to a shelter in the Netherlands?
    as blacktimberwolf says, dogs are not treated very well in spain and other mediterranean countries. there are many organisations that transfer dogs from there to other european countries (incl. the uk) and find them homes. so it's not that unusual that she ended up here. coincidentally, leika the german shepherd/mastiff mix above, is also from spain.

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    Blix looks like a very cute dog. Glad she got rescued.

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